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 Just a sampling of how Joey Peacock is Known:
(Recommendations & Testimonials)

“Few people I've met have the kind of "can do" attitude that Joey brings to work every day.
Too many people spend their time coming up with reasons why great ideas won't work.
Joey spends his time figuring out how to make them work.
Attitude is the foundation of success and he is one of the most positive
and passionate colleagues I've worked with in a quarter century.”

~Jerry Titus, Regional Sales Manager, FairPoint Communications

“Joey is the kind of person you want on your side.
He has given a lot of guidance, and has inspired me, on a daily basis.  Great Mentor.”
~Joel Miller, Business Systems Technician, FairPoint Communications

“Joey Peacock is a top performer, outstanding leader and team player.
He is a strategic thinker that has built his business around putting the customer first,
employees second and with this business model has achieved
outstanding financial returns for his business.”
~Danny Hassig, Director Invasive Service East, GE Healthcare

“Joey is a dynamic and creative business leader with a positive outlook and hunger
for success.  I have watched his career path soar and he continues to maintain
his high standard of compassionate and trustworthy business ethics.
The entire community benefits from Joey's hard work and drive and
I am proud to have him as a Chamber member. Each time I call on Joey for help or input,
he comes through for me. He is always striving for fresh and innovative ways
to keep himself and others motivated and his strong positive leadership makes
him a tremendous asset to the business community.”

~Marti Vickery, former Executive Director, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce

“Joey is one of the most incredible people persons I have ever met.
I have never met a person who could network with so many people and
still keep professional excellence and personal touch like he can.
Joey has the ability to see the potential inside of everyone he works with and
has the ability to bring that potential out of them.
Joey is a natural leader who continues to learn, grow and sharpen that ability.”

~Paul Smith, Pastor, Rivertown Community Church

“If there ever was a guy that saw the glass half full rather than half empty, it is this guy.
Without a doubt, the most passionate proponent of technology I have ever met.
With Joey, problems are not problems at all...they are "challenges".
The most impressive quality about Joey- he is not a one-man show.
His team is is a lean, mean machine and my life is much easier because of them.”

~Chuck Edwards, Senior Vice President, Health Check Incorporated

“Joey Peacock is one of the most conscientious people I've every been associated with
in either my business or personal life. He truly cares about everyone and
everything he's involved with. His Communications expertise, awareness of time lines
and attention to detail is always top notch."

~Jim Farrell, Interconnect Telesales Manager, CMS Communications

“Joey Peacock is one of the finest people I have ever had the opportunity to work with.
He is a man of integrity and holds himself to the highest standards.
It is an honor to count him as a colleague and friend.”

~Joe Durham, Registered Principal, Veritrust Financial

"Joey Peacock is one of the most serious, dedicated, compassionate, loyal, people I know."
~Logan Barbee, Senior US Advisor, Provincial Reconstruction Team - Iraq, Department of State

“Joey is a passionate advocate for our customers. He is full of energy and optimism and
a total delight to be around. He is a first rate motivator and
a guy you always want on your team.”

~Gene Johnson, CEO FairPoint Communications


“Joey is definitely someone you want on your team!
He's a great "idea guy" that goes a step further with making things happen.
He's a great sounding board, and a great supporter when working on joint projects.
His view of the big picture has been a tremendous asset as
he has served effectively on our board of directors.”
~Kristy Halley Speers
, Executive Director, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce


“Joey Peacock is absolutely one of the most professional and motivating people I've ever met.
He goes above and beyond what is expected to be sure things are moving in the right direction
for both his company and companies who have the pleasure of working with him.
He has the ability to identify opportunities that are in the best interest of his organization
and make decisions to put his people in a position to win.
I look forward to every meeting with Joey and if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him
in person, you need to make a point of it; he'll make your day.”
~Rick Allan
, Executive Director Sales, Actelis Networks


“Joey has been a business partner for us for the last 3 years and has not only
been an excellent business partner but a voice of leadership and
direction thru these challenging times. His leadership knowledge of the telecom industry
and what it takes to be successful both on top line/bottom line growth
always includes customer service, employee consideration and recognition.
I would recommend Joey to any organization that wants to be the best it can be
under any level of adversity. I value Joey's vision and appreciate his approach to
business and the high ethical standards he demands. Joey is a "Make it Happen" kind of individual
with a level of execution which would inspire anyone who comes
into contact with him or his organization. I am a Joey Peacock fan!!”

~Bruce Ware
, Director of Sales-BCS Division, Samsung Telecommunications America


“Joey almost always has a smile on his face, is upbeat about life and truly is one
of those persons you have to look up to! My association with Joey is as a fellow
board member with the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce in Florida.
Life in a small southern town isn't always easy. Joey has displayed leadership,
positive interaction and freely shared with engaging ideas for the community.
Serving with Joey on the Chamber Board has brought a new level of motivation
and pride to our county along with many other members.”
~Elam Stoltzfus
, President, Live Oak Production Group, Inc



These and many more can be viewed here.

"We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give."

~Winston Churchill


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