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For Small Business Owners

Okay, so you own a small business and you're trying to succeed in this
virtual world but you're not 100% sure of the steps you need to take.
Following are recommendations that I know, if used properly, will help
you succeed.

First, follow all the steps listed in the becoming known page.  These are all important
steps regardless of whether you're building your personal brand or business.

Once you have these steps created for your business, add these:

For your Twitter account, download one of the following
FREE software items to monitor your account

HootSuite (my personal favorite)

To monitor your website traffic,
download this FREE Google software
Google Analytics

Also, be sure to register and grab your FREE
Google Local Business Center dashboard
so you can view your on-line traffic.

Then, you should consider getting the Socialtext FREE
"Social Media for your business" software application.
(See "desktop application" demo here.)


“In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running;
if you stand still, they will swallow you.”

~William Knudsen Jr

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