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: a class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer;
a characteristic or distinctive kind.

known:  generally recognized


So, how do you become "known"? 
It's not easy, and if easy is what you're after, you've come to the wrong place.
I'm sorry for the length of this page, but there are many steps involved.
[Small Business Owners - be sure to follow the link located at the end.]

And whether you call it Social Media or something else, these are the
keys you'll need for success.

As the CEO of yourself, the custodian of your "brand",
you need to take control and do everything you can
to be sure YOU are the best you can be.

[What to find out more about yourself?  Take the DISC profile test.  COMING SOON!.]

 I am digitally distinct! Visit

Your BluePrint

Here are the steps you'll need to take to be "Known":

  • Immediately get a domain name with your name (i.e., 
    You can use any domain name service and there are many, but I suggest 1&1.

    You can purchase your domain name for as little as $6.99/year! 
    What a great investment!!
    And don't forget about your .net,  .org, .biz, .info, etc. options.


  • Create a web-site.
    Using your new domain, start your virtual branding of yourself
    through your own web-site, accessible to anyone with web access across the globe. 
    Do this even if you only have a one-page site.  You can do that here.


  • Establish yourself in social media communities.

    check to see if your desired username or vanity url is still
    available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites
    by going to this site.

    There are many, but one of the most popular and visible is LinkedIn.
    This gives you the opportunity to connect and build a community
    with other business professionals.  This is also a great way for
    search engines to find you and/or your company.

    The next best site to sign up for is YouTube.  Though this site may be best known
    as a site to post personal videos, this is a wonderful site to use for business purposes.
    Set it up to brand yourself and/or your business.  Upload video's of your self, your store, your
    services, your team members, and---most importantly---customer testimonials!

    Next, set-up a Facebook account - for yourself if an individual, or a Fan page
    if a business.  Connect with friends, family and colleagues to start with,
    be sure to include connecting with any vendors that have Facebook pages.

    Then, sign up for a  MySpace  account.  Another tried and true social
    media site to build your brand and community.

    You can use these sites to market your brand, and it's another way to be KNOWN
    Provide your connections with value, information, events, photos, videos,
    testimonials, and then (and only then) throw in a little marketing stuff along the way.

    I recommend you have a Twitter account too.  This gives you
    an opportunity to micro-blog information and connect with your
    customers as well.  Then constantly monitor your
    business via Twitter Search and proactively communicate with your
    customers especially those who may be posting negative comments
    about you and help them resolve their problems.


     The great thing about all these sites---THEY'RE FREE! 
     All it takes is the effort on your part to sign up & create
    the site with information. 
     My advice---keep them mostly business based and
    limited personal information on them.

    Additional sites that you can post too,
    depending upon your career or business, are:
    > OpenID
    > Yelp
    > Ryze
    > Spoke
    > DIGG
    > Flickr
    > Squidoo
    > Reddit
    > Scribd
    > XING

    Make sure you connect/link all your sites to each other.  Driving traffic from one of your sites to the other is key in helping your success and your ability to be known.


    Make sure you use some "sharing" software on all the sites that allow you to post it.  One of easiest to use is ShareIt
    Another is Add This.


  • Join a local networking organization.
    Again, there are many of these too, but my first suggestion is to
    join your local Chamber of Commerce.  Even if you join as an individual (which you can)
    you will be around other business people who are looking to grow themselves and their company.

    BNI is another organization you can consider joining.  Find one in your area.

    Look for other local opportunities with civic organizations.  Find something you're
    passionate about and support them with your time & efforts.  This is a great opportunity to
    serve others and become known.

    Be sure to have gather business cards while you're at these events, writing down
    notes about the person as soon as you finish speaking with them on their card (so
    you don't forget).  Follow-up with a thank you message within a few days.
    Also, be sure that you don't sit with the people you know, always
    sit with someone new at each event.


  • Create a stand-out business card.
    Don't give someone a boring, 'they'll never save' business card. 
    Create a custom card, even if you have to purchase it yourself,
    that makes a statement about YOU. 
    I personally use Vista Prints and find their pricing extremely reasonable,
    they offer custom cards and their service has always been great.


    This is a good point to speak about contact information:  Be sure to keep your personal Outlook Contact information updated & accurate.  Any time you meet someone new and get their contact information, be sure to immediately add that information to your contact list (always grow this list), e-mail your new contact with a THANK YOU message, and be sure to attach your contact information to the e-mail so they can easily save this electronic version to their contact list.

    You can also join Plaxo which will help you keep all your contacts updated as you update your contact information from time-to-time.  Another good location to help you be known.

    One last item concerning posting links in all your websites (blogs, official, social media, etc.):  Use or BudURL to shorten your links, to keep them from reveling the link message as some links often do, and this also helps track how many people are using them.


  • Learn how to become a great NetWeaver.
    Books, research, articles, etc. at their site.


  • Read great books.
    Suggested list here.


  • Start a blog.
    Typepad may be the best.  Blogger and WordPress are free.
    [WordPress offers a pay service which is top rated as well.]
    (I personally use Blogger.)

    Once you have your blog up & running, and have posted several messages,
    claim your blog at Technorati.  Then post your blog on BlogTopSites as well.


    Now that you have your domain name, your website, your blog, your YouTube - MySpace - Facebook - LinkedIn -etc... you need to make sure the search engines find them.
    Start submitting  your site URL's to them at the Google site,
    the Bing site, and the Yahoo site.


  • Grow U!
    Learn how here.


  • Become a Great Servant to Others.
    Zig Ziglar says, You can have everything in life that you want if
    you will just help enough other people get what they want.
    Start today by focusing on serving & helping others succeed. 
    You'll soon see that not only do you feel good yourself when you help others win,
    but you will also find that this begins helping you in your success as well. 
    And with great success will come great wealth.


  • Miscellaneous Keys To Continuing Success.
    Additional items you'll need in addition to the others listed above
    to help assure your success (regardless of whether you're a
    business or a individual):

    > A High Likeability Factor

    ...see the rest of this section here...


  • And the Ultimate?
    Stay Tuned---The Best Is Yet To Come Right Here!!

"I'm Known!!"

  More resources for Small Business Owners are here!


Now that you're known, you need to track yourself.
Find out how to do so here.

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"There is no security on this earth;
there is only opportunity."

~General Douglas MacArthur

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