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Miscellaneous Keys To Continuing Success.
Additional items you'll need in addition to the others listed
(from the "known" page) to help assure your success
(regardless of whether you're a business or a individual):

> Follow your Passion
-Do what you love and you never have to go to work!
Don't go to work miserable.  I can't tell you how many people I've known
(and know) that complain about their work every day.  If you're miserable
with what you do---do what you love!  If you don't feel the same way Sunday
afternoon as you do on Friday afternoon, then you're not following your passion.

> Have a Mission Statement
-You'll hear arguments both ways here:  have a mission statement, don't
bother with a mission statement.  I'm here to tell you that you truly need a
personal mission statement and, if you're a business owner, a business
mission statement.  As you've probably figured out already, my personal mission
statement is "
Your Success Is My Business."™  Virtually everything I do I filter
through this mission.  Once you have clarity about your mission because of
your passion, your path will be so much clearer and so much easier to reach.

> Believe In Yourself!
-You can't make others believe it if you don't first.

> Enthusiasm!!
-Enthusiasm is like a attracts people. 
If you're passionate about what you do, then this should come naturally. 
Regardless, always be enthusiastic about what you do!

> Commit To Hard Work
-Nothing comes easy.  Work smart. Constantly work on
your SELF-management (not time-management).

> Understand your Strengths and Weaknesses
-Discover what you're great at and try to work within these.
Understand where you're weak and partner with others to support you.

> Have Mentors
-One of the most important things you can do in your life,
is have mentors...regardless of your age.
And you need more than one:  A Financial Mentor, a
Spiritual Mentor, a Relationship Mentor, a Career Mentor, etc.

> Have An "Inner Circle"
-Establish an Inner Circle.
These will act as your own personal Board of Directors who advice
and help you with your personal and career goals.  This Inner Circle is
over & beyond your mentors, but can have some of your mentors included.
You will quickly discover that this will be your "go to" team when you need
to ask questions that you couldn't do with your family, or maybe not with your
co-workers or boss.  This will be a place to vent as well as to bounce ideas around.

It's coaching, not criticism

-Seek coaching from not only your leader(s), but also from your peers AND
your team members.  Never look at is as criticism, but as coaching to make yourself
better at all you do.  Always ask these three questions:
1.  What would you like me to start doing?
2.  What would you like me to continue doing?
3. What would you like me to stop doing?

> Find Someone To Model Yourself After
-This plays hand-in-hand with the "mentor" and "inner circle" recommendations above.
I call this "The Mine Field Story".  When you go through life, you'll always be crossing
'the mine fields' that are in front of you.  But if you can find someone who you can model
yourself after, someone who is where you want to be, ask them if they'll help you get to
where you want to be.  That person has already been blown up by the mines of life in
getting where they are, so if you 'walk' in their footsteps then you'll miss many of the
mines in your way.  Of course you might have to ask many people, but don't walk the
mine field of life without someone guiding you.  Jim Rohn says that "success leaves clues"...
Find the people who can help you find those clues.

A High Likeability Factor
-Everyone wants to work with someone they like.
Are you likeable?

>You Are Who You Associate With
-Surround yourself with winners.  With those who have
a positive attitude.  With those who see all challenges as opportunities.

> Self-Control
-Because you can't control anyone else in the entire world,
do your best with your self.

> Accountability
-Don't blame others.  Don't point fingers. 
Be accountable for your actions and your decisions.

> Focus On Your Attire.
-It's said, "Clothes make the man."  That's not entirely true,
but it does provide a nice head start.

> A Positive, Uplifting, Motivating Attitude
Self explanatory.

> A Quality Reputation
-Say what you'll do, and do what you say.

> Integrity & Character

> Be Humble
-Regardless of your success, never assume that you did it alone.  There are
always others who are partners with you in your accomplishments.
Never forget that or them.

> Always Be Ethical
-Always use the "Grandma Rule":
Would your Grandma be okay with your decision/answer?

> To Be Trustworthy
-Never break your word.  Never lie.  Never gossip.  Be loyal.

> Knowledge, Confidence
-There's nothing more frustrating for a customer than when they know
more about the product they're interested in than the person selling it.
Spend time learning everything you can about your products & services.
This will give you the confidence needed to provide world-class service.

> To Deliver Value
-Provide more than expected...especially at the beginning of the relationship.
Give your customers something unexpected.  Give them something and
expect nothing in return.

> Deliver Legendary Service
-Create CUSTOMER LOYALTY be providing your customers the
best service anywhere.  If you're not, your competition will. 
And this just isn't world-class service, we're talking LEGENDARY service here!

> Complain Up, Motivate Down
-Never complain down or sideways (peers).  Vent your frustrations
to your leader and let them mentor you.  Praise those that are on your team.

> Spend Quality Time With Your Family
-Don't neglect those you care about the most.

> Spend Time Doing A Hobby You Enjoy
-All work and no play...

> Have Some Method To Keep Notes At All Times
-How many ideas have come and gone that you can't remember?
Have some way whether a note book/pad you have with you at all times,
or a small voice recorder (my preference).  Don't let those grand ideas
get away over something as simple as a solution as this.

> "It's Not All About Me"
-Be "other" focused.  Try to filter all your thoughts on how your actions and
decisions affects others, not necessarily yourself.  Of course you have to keep
yourself and your family safe/secure and you can't make decisions that would
sacrifice that, but for the majority of other things you do, first think about
how that benefits and/or adds value to others.

> Understand Everyone Makes Mistakes, This Includes You
-The key is:  Learn & Grow From Them!

> Have an Attitude of Gratitude
-Be sure to THANK everyone who helps you, who supports you,
who does business with you.  Remember that you'll get no where or
have no success without the support of be sure to always
tell them:  THANK YOU in some fashion.

> Be Debt Free
-This is great advice whether you're a business or individual.
Don't let the drive for money or debt cause you to make the wrong
decisions.  Three out of every four marriages that end in divorce are
due to financial problems.  Make wise financial decisions in all you do.

> Relief
-Art Williams says, "Almost everyone in America does almost what it takes to win. 
But winners just do it.  They do it, and do it, and do it, and do it until the job gets done. 
Then they talk about how great it is to finally have achieved something unique;
and how glad they are that they didn’t quit like everyone else;
and how wonderful it is to be somebody they’re proud of
and make a difference with their lives."

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"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs,
even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in
the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt

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