Joey Peacock
"I'll help you be KNOWN."

"Your Success Is My Business."

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Joey Peacock

Born & raised in the Florida Panhandle, Joey has a unique view of life through his rural heritage. 
It's through this perspective of life that has helped him be successful in helping others
become successful.  His "southern gentlemen" nature along with a positive outlook on
life provides motivation to do your best in all you attempt in life. 
When Joey says, "
Your Success Is My Business", you can believe he means it.

Joey's career currently includes leading a national team as
National Director of Customer Experience
for FairPoint Communications
Here he leads the company's Net Promoter
® program, all Customer Experience
programs, and spearheaded the companies Social Media program.  He created
and oversees their communities for the following sites:


Joey also serves on the Board of Directors for the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce

In this capacity with both organizations, he spends a great deal of
his time helping businesses (and individuals) become "known"
and creating their personal brand.  He's also the #1 voice for
the customer experience.

Joey too is a member of the global Customer Experience Board and works
to not only learn more about creating Legendary Customer Experiences
but also to serve and help others.

The more a business is known, the more customers they will have
and ultimately the more success (of course, a quality product
and world-class customer service is a large part of the winning formula as well).

Joey likes to put what he does this way (aka, his "bio"):

Fortunately I've been blessed in leading great teams which has been a huge factor
in my success. Part of my role has been as a change agent and I have had
huge success in refocusing department/organization vision & culture which
maximizes not only revenues but also company metrics and moral.
Another role has been as a crisis manager bringing organizational skills
and a logical decision making process to solving sensitive,
time-critical problems involving customers, vendors and employee/peers.

I'm driven by my personal mission statement of "
Your Success Is My Business"™
and in that, putting the customer experience/person first in everything I do.
In not creating world-class service, but rather in creating Legendary Service!

Lastly, in helping people/businesses become KNOWN in expanding their community
and developing their personal brand or identity,
(whether within their local neighborhood, city, state, regionally, nationally or globally)
through the use of communication & connectivity solutions, social media
and other processes which contribute to their success.

In all of the above, doing this in just being me bringing common sense, plan talk,
some fun & humor all with being the southern gentlemen.
Now isn't that a refreshing approach in today's hectic world?


Joey at FDR's "Little White House" in Warm Springs, GA
Joey at FDR's "Little White House"
in Warm Springs, GA

Joey is passionate about military history, with a focus on World War II. 
He is a Charter Member of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans,
Charter Member of the National World War II Memorial in Washington,
and Charter Member of the USS Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Joey is an active member at Rivertown Community Church.

Along with his wife Chris, they are influencing
and raising his step-son, Zac.  They are also cheering
on Joey's son, David, who is about to serve the country in the US Army. 
Joey also has a daughter, Kristin.

Chris & Joey Peacock
Chris & Joey Peacock

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"I've never known a man worth his salt who in the long run,
deep down in his heart, didn't appreciate the grind, the discipline. …
I firmly believe that any man's finest hour—this greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear—
is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and
lies exhausted on the field of battle victorious."

~Vince Lombardi

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